Boat Restoration

Specialist In Removing Antifoul, Debris & Rust Build-Up From ALL Boat Hulls

Whether you boat hull is Steel, Fiberglass, Aluminum or Timber we can restore it to it’s original form, stripping all antifoul, paint, rust, corrosion and debris.

Hassle Free Boat Restorations

Our precision sandblasting and restoration service will ensure your boat is protected against all sea scum and corrosion. Our powerful compressor will strip back all paint and old antifoul coatings back to the bare hull providing the perfect surface for fresh antifoul and paint. We also remove all corrosion and rust from propellers and other metal components so your boat not only looks like new but will achieve maximum lifespan and value.
With a fully mobile service and powerful, industry leading technology we come to you and can finish the job in around half the time saving you money on extra fees such as hiring a Blast Booth for longer than necessary.
We specialise in…
  • Stripping back all antifoul, paint, corrosion and sea scum
  • Providing a fast, mobile service to save you time and money
  • Cleaning the toughest, deepest cracks and hidden corners
  • Applying protective coatings to sandblasted boat surfaces
  • Confined space work
  • Providing dew point testing
  • Providing elcometer, paint thickness testing
  • Ensure the highest quality finish on your restored vessel

Seamless Sandblasting Service

We do everything we can to make completing your project easy and affordable.
On inspection we will provide a free, fixed upfront quote. Explaining everything in plain english and providing strict start and finish deadlines, which we promise to meet.
We’ll identify any potential areas of concern and decide on the ideal abrasive, pressure and approach to meet your requirements, avoid damage, and provide the highest quality finish.
Using the latest industry leading equipment including the powerful 425CFM Compressor, we require less time to a superior job, saving you time and money. This also means less noise and disruption, and ensures we complete your project as promised, with no headaches.
We also develop and comply with a strict Safety, Health and Environmental Management Plan for each and every job to ensure no injuries or environmental damage is caused by our operations.
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