Maintain, Restore and Extend The Life Of Your Assets

We specialise in the cleaning, restoration and maintenance of all machinery, components and structures across a wide range of industries.

Complete Your Project On Time & To Your Specifications

We understand that time = money. When you work with us to maintain and restore your industrial equipment, you can be sure that your project will be completed on time and to the highest quality every time.
With 17 years experience we are the Sandblasting specialists the Gold Coast City Council turn to for maintenance advice and sandblasting services for the Gold Coast Light Rail, University Hospital and Hinze Dam Maintenance. 
We specialise in…
  • Cleaning, restoration and maintenance of all mechanical and machinery parts and components, including valves and pumps
  • Rust, paint, stain, debris removal for a like-new finish
  • Asset maintenance including trucks, machinery and civil structures
  • Applying protective coatings
  • Confined space and elevated work
  • Providing dew point testing
  • Providing elcometer, paint thickness testing

Seamless Sandblasting Service

We do everything we can to make completing your project easy and affordable.
On inspection we will provide a free, fixed upfront quote. Explaining everything in plain english and providing strict start and finish deadlines, which we promise to meet.
We’ll identify any potential areas of concern and decide on the ideal abrasive, pressure and approach to meet your requirements, avoid damage, and provide the highest quality finish.
Using the latest industry leading equipment including the powerful 425CFM Compressor, we require less time to a superior job, saving you time and money. This also means less noise and disruption, and ensures we complete your project as promised, with no headaches.
We also develop and comply with a strict Safety, Health and Environmental Management Plan for each and every job to ensure no injuries or environmental damage is caused by our operations.
Please call 1300 BLAST2 or click the button below to arrange a free quote.
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