Restore The Visual Appeal And Cleanliness Of Your Pool To Brand New

With precision sandblasting we can strip your paint or fiberglass pool back to it’s original surface, removing all grime, mould, stains, paint and fibreglass ready for recoating.

Fast, Easy, Pool Restorations

After years of use most pool surfaces will start to peel, stain, crack and become potential health hazards due to mould and grime build-up. Stripping and recoating your pool surface is the quickest, easy and cost effective way to restore your pools cleanliness and integrity to new again.
We specialise in…
  • Removing all dirt, grime, mould and stains from pool surfaces
  • Stripping back paint or fiberglass providing the perfect clean, adhesive surface for repaints, tiling, pebbling or fibreglass liners.
  • Cleaning the toughest deepest cracks and hidden corners
  • Avoiding the use of chemicals or manual scraping to clean and strip the pools surfaces
  • Ensure the highest quality finish on your restored pool.

Seamless Sandblasting Service

We do everything we can to make completing your project easy and affordable.
On inspection we will provide a free, fixed upfront quote. Explaining everything in plain english and providing strict start and finish deadlines, which we promise to meet.
We’ll identify any potential areas of concern and decide on the ideal abrasive, pressure and approach to meet your requirements, avoid damage, and provide the highest quality finish.
Using the latest industry leading equipment including the powerful 425CFM Compressor, we require less time to a superior job, saving you time and money. This also means less noise and disruption, and ensures we complete your project as promised, with no headaches.
We also develop and comply with a strict Safety, Health and Environmental Management Plan for each and every job to ensure no injuries or environmental damage is caused by our operations.
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